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The lidar courses listed below come from the LIDAR Summer Schools which took place at ASPET (31) - France in July 2010, 2013 and 2015. They are intended for students of a master 2 level or engineers.

To access the courses in .pdf format, please contact the authors indicated or with Fabien Gibert ...

  • Lidar fundamentals and techniques 1: P. Flamant, LMD
  • Lidar fundamentals and techniques 2: P. Flamant, LMD
  • Instrumental architecture: direct detection, D. Bruneau, LATMOS
  • Instrumental architecture: coherent detection, D. Bruneau, LATMOS
  • New lidars: C. Besson, ONERA
  • Media optics: P. Flamant, LMD
  • Atmosphere: composition and structure: V. Marécal, CNRM
  • Spectroscopy, atmospheric molecular absorption: V. Zéninari, R. Vallon, Univ. Reims
  • Lidar atmosphere - clouds and aerosols: P. Flamant, LMD
  • Lidar backscattering and instrumental synergies: J. Cuesta, LISA
  • Lidar Raman, P. Flamant: LMD
  • Lidar Doppler: speed and turbulence: A. Dabas, MeteoFrance
  • Lidar DIAL and atmospheric IPDA: F. Gibert, LMD
  • Lidar environment: E. Fréjafon, INERIS
  • Lidar in marine environment: composition, structure, Y. Chailloux
  • Topographic lidar : C. Mallet, UiB
  • Lidar topography: forest application, T. Allouis, YellowScan
  • Lidar and continental surfaces: X. Briottet, ONERA
  • Altimetric lidar: surface study, M. Kasser, HEIG-VD
  • Lidar and archeology: C. Laplaige, Univ. Tours
  • Bathymetric lidar : Y. Pastol, SHOM
  • Airborne atmospheric lidar : J. Pelon, LATMOS
  • Lidar for aeronautics: A. Dolfi-Bouteyre, ONERA
  • Space Lidar J. Pelon, LATMOS
  • Atmospheric observation networks: P. Keckhut, LATMOS
  • Laser safety and lidar standards: JC. Canonici, MeteoFrance
  • Standards for atmospheric lidar: A. Dabas, MeteoFrance