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The MOBILIS mobile station developed in 2003 for aerosol and cloud remote sensing is composed of a Raman backscatter LIDAR, a CIMEL solar photometer, an IR radiometer and in situ instruments. In 2006, MOBILIS was deployed on the Tamanrasset site (Algeria) as part of the AMMA campaign [Cuesta, JGR, 2007] . MOBILIS participated in the validation of the LIDAR CALIOP of the CALIPSO space mission . He also participated in the COPS (Alsace) campaigns in 2007, MEGAPOLI (Créteil) in 2009 and HYMEX (Candillargues) in 2012.

LIDAR provides backscatter profiles at 1064, 532 and 355 nm and depolarization at 355 nm with a spatial and temporal resolution of approximately 15 m and 1 min. A Raman N2 channel at 387 nm makes it possible to obtain the particle extinction coefficient at 355 nm with a spatial resolution of 100 m and temporal resolution of approximately 1 h during the night

Figure 1 Experimental diagram and specifications of the Lidar Mobile MOBILIS station

Figure 2
Left: MOBILIS instrument integrated in the container
Right: vertical and temporal profiling of the apparent backscatter coefficient at 532 nm measured in Palaiseau, France on 05/16/2003