Biosphère Climat

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The LIDAR group seeks to complete the remote observation of key variables of the atmosphere (aerosols, clouds, temperature, H 2 O, CO 2 , wind speed) and to put them in synergy. The 3D observation capacity is necessary to link the observations in the surface layer to those made in the middle of the boundary layer or in the free troposphere and to account for the spatial representativeness of the measurement.

High spatio-temporal resolution is necessary to link concentrations to fluxes and to study the turbulent diffusivity of different quantities in the atmosphere (dynamic and radiative balance). The LIDARS COWI (CO 2 & Wind) and TERA (Temperature Raman) are the key instruments of this mobile observatory.

Figure 1 LIDAR mobile observatory of LMD MOBILIS, COWI and TERA.
T: temperature - u, v, w: components of wind speed - n: density of gas or particles - w'X ': turbulent flow of CO 2 , H 2 O or temperature